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Bergman Builders is a custom home/light commercial builder and remodeler.  Our employees are highly skilled individuals that provide the experience and attention to detail our projects are known for.  We also offer an in-house design service which most of our clients take advantage of.  This means you bring your ideas to us and we use our design expertise to come up with a project plan that is both functional and unique.  Of course, it is also okay for you to come to us with your own plans.  Whether we draw plans for you or you bring your plans to us, we will provide you with detailed project specifications and a quote for your project.

All Bergman Builders homes and remodeling projects are completed to exceed Energy Star standards using green building techniques whenever possible.  Bergman Builders holds the Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Credential requiring continuing education and proof of insurance to maintain the credential.

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Jan 22
Tuscany Woods 55+ Subdivision

Tuscany Woods 55+ Subdivision

It’s time to enjoy life, sit back and relax, but how you ask…With Bergman Builders! Bergman Builders wants to introduce you to Tuscany Woods in Plover the perfect 55 and up single family development that is maintenance free!

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